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HACCP Manuals


Food Safety Audits


Complaint Management


Food Safety Training


Management Systems


Allergen Management


Food Labelling Information


BRC Audit Preparation


Calculation of Nutritional Values


Management Services

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Our clients include large chain restaurants, retailers, food processing companies, hotels and small cafes


HACCP Plan and Food Safety Solutions

Our Food Safety Consultants will carry out an initial assessment on the pre-requisite requirements and structural review, then design and implement a specific HACCP Plan for your food business, or the evaluation of an existing plan.

The HACCP Plan will include the plan, hazards analysis, CCPs, critical limits, changes in the system, policies, standard operating procedures, work instructions, and the HACCP recordkeeping systems, checklist and forms.

The HACCP Plan will include the following:

  • HACCP plan
  • Hazard analysis
  • CCP identification
  • Determination of critical limits
  • Changes to the HACCP system.
  • Policies, standard operating procedures, work instructions
  • HACCP recordkeeping systems, checklist and forms

About HACCP Manuals

All food operators are legally obliged to plan, implement and maintain a food safety management system based on the principles of HACCP – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. Originally developed by NASA in the 1960s to ensure safe food for space expeditions, it is a systematic approach to identifying and controlling hazards that could pose a threat to safe food.  The HACCP process has been globally embraced, implemented and identified as the food safety management process “gold standard.”

A HACCP Manual is a documented system used to establish the development and operation of your HACCP system. It covers all necessary documentation, forms and records required to ensure your business is compliant to legal requirements. The manual includes information on the organisation, responsibilities, scope, customers, process flow charts, floor plans, cleaning, pest control, maintenance, SOPs, policies, CCPs, HACCP verifications and more. The HACCP manual is used as a reference point for food handlers and managers to establish an effective food safety management system.

We have the technical expertise in HACCP to assist all food business in the food industry, and the catering sector including restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars, fast-food outlets, takeaways, mobile food trucks, kitchens, hospitals, schools and colleges.

The manual includes but is not limited to the following:

  • HACCP team members
  • HACCP organisation responsibilities
  • Description of the products under the scope
  • Identification of intended use and customers
  • Process flow chart
  • Floor plans
  • Personal hygiene instructions
  • Approved cleaning chemicals list and schedule
  • Calibration schedule and monitoring forms
  • Pest control program
  • Training program
  • Product traceability
  • Standard Operating Procedures and policies
  • Hazard analysis table
  • Critical Control Point (CCP) work instruction
  • CCP monitoring forms
  • Monitoring Schedule
  • Corrective actions strategy
  • HACCP plan verification

Our Food Safety Audit System

Food Safety Audits provide a credible independent evaluation of the effectiveness of the established food safety management system.

Our team consists of trained, experienced food safety auditors, who will identify any non-compliance and advise on best practice.

The food safety audits cover compliance to the HACCP system, but also on inspection of storage, food process areas, equipment/utensil, water/waste systems, waste management, pest control and structural components including walls, ceilings, floors, lighting, heating and ventilation.

After the food safety audit, the auditor will recommend corrective actions to meet compliance requirements.

Our Food Safety Auditors/Consultants can train your staff on how to conduct a mock recall or outbreak investigation to be prepared to handle any emergency situations.

We can also train your staff to carry out internal and external food safety audits.

Food safety audits can form part of the preparation of external certification audits, such as ISO 22000, BRC preparation and EIQA can be tailored to your requirements.

The food safety audit will include a detailed inspection of the following:

  • Structural Hygiene
  • Personal hygiene and facilities
  • Cleaning management and schedules
  • Waste management and pest control
  • Operational hygiene
  • HACCP compliance & Implementation
  • Food storage and management
  • Food traceability & recall procedures


Acornstar™ Food Safety Care Service

Our Acornstar Food Safety Care Service is designed to help clients meet their food safety compliance obligations.

How it works. We provide a dedicated food safety consultant on a part-time basis to help manage your food safety management system and to ensure record keeping and training is up to date.

Depending on your requirements, our food safety consultant can work on an annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly basis or we can agree on the set number of days required. We will tailor this programme to suit your needs, services can include but is not limited to the following:

  • Creation of the food safety management system, HACCP plan, manuals.
  • Maintenance of the food safety management system, HACCP plan, manuals.
  • Review of record keeping.
  • Training new or existing staff as required.
  • HACCP manual training and review.
  • Provide advice for monitoring operational hygiene.
  • Food safety audits and follow up audits as required.
  • Corrective action and improvement planning.
  • ISO and other food standards advice.
  • Health and Safety risk assessments.
  • Liaise with Environmental Health Officers and veterinary inspectors as required.
  • Preparing information for the food labels, completion of customer specifications and questionnaires
  • Creation, updating and revising SOP’s


Using our Acornstar Food Safety Solutions allows Clients to focus on what they do best, while we do what we do best. An agreed fee and the number of days required to suit your budget will be agreed, any additional days can be negotiated as required.

Acornstar™ Training Solutions

Our Acornstar we offer certified in-house training, and our new online “Approved by RoSPA” food safety training courses.  Our training services can be used in conjunction with other food safety consulting services or as a stand-alone product.  Our training includes the following.

In-House Training

  • Food Safety Level 1
  • Food Safety Level 2
  • Food Safety Level 3
  • Allergen Awareness
  • HACCP Training
  • Refresher Training
  • Bespoke Induction Training

Online Learning

  • Food Safety and HACCP Level 1
  • Food Safety and HACCP Level 2
  • Allergen Awareness


Your Compliance Partner

We value our compliance experts and ensure our values are instilled throughout our business practices.  Our values at Acornstar are Honesty, Creativity, Reliability, Teamwork, Improvement & innovation, Compliance and Fun.

Welcome to Acornstar, welcome to the future of compliance.

Siobhan Leonard MSc CQP MCQI CMIOSH

COO Acornstar

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