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Food Safety and HACCP Level 3

Food Safety and HACCP Level 3 Training.

This AcornSatr™ Food Safety and HACCP Level 3 Training Course is designed for head chefs, managers and supervisors in the catering industry, to help them understand their essential day-to-day responsibilities, including how to implement a HACCP food safety management system. This all-new 2022 Food Safety and HACCP 3 training course covers the syllabus requirements specified by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and the Food Safety Criteria by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

This course is designed and produced in Ireland by award-winning professionals to meet Irish and UK regulations, and is approved by both ROSPA and CPD and is internationally recognised.  Our course provides learners with knowledge of food safety practices, the legal requirements and the controls required to ensure safe and hygienic food handling processes.
With this course, you will gain a full understanding of the seven key principles of HACCP, with state of the art interactions that keep you engaged every step of the way.
Once you have completed the course, you can instantly download your certificate, which is valid for three years.
Should you wish to progress in your career or enhance your CV, this course is for you, and it comes with a full money-back guarantee, so you rest assured you have made the right choice.

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Once you have completed the course and passed the final test, your personalised certificate will be automatically generated and emailed to you.  Hard copies are also available.

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HACCP 3 Food Safety Certification

Food Safety and HACCP Level 3 Certificate

Our courses have a 100% EHO approval rate and meet the highest of standards.

The training course is approved by RoSPA.  RoSPA is a leading organisation in health and safety, actively campaigning for the promotion of health and safety and change in legislation to reduce hazards and keep people safe. The “Approved by RoSPA” stamp of approval demonstrates the high quality and credibility of our Health and Safety training courses.


HACCP 3 Food Safety Course Benefits

On completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • Explain why Food Safety is important
  • Describe food hygiene law and why HACCP is relevant
  • Identify the main food safety hazards and control measures
  • Outline food safety practices
  • Outline prerequisites to HACCP and the 7 principles of HACCP
  • Understand the requirements for establishing a HACCP system
  • Outline the importance of implementing and maintaining a HACCP system
HACCP 3 Food Safety Course Features
  • Interactive Learning
  • Augmented Reality Interactions
  • Immersive 360 Video
  • Case Studies
  • Instant Certification
  • Audio Voiceovers
  • Next-Generation Technology
  • Completed in approximately 2 – 5 Hours
  • Understand the importance of Food Safety and the techniques
  • Understand food safety law and how to meet the requirements
  • Identify the main food safety hazards and control measures to prevent them
  • Maintain food safety practices to control and monitor food safety
  • Understand the principles of HACCP and the importance of maintaining HACCP
  • Understand requirements for effective cleaning and waste management
HACCP 3 Course Course Content
  • Module 1 Introduction
  • Module 2 Food Safety Hazards and Control
  • Module 3 Food Poising and Foodborne Diseases
  • Module 4 Food Safety Legislation
  • Module 5 Allergen Management
  • Module 6 Personal Hygiene
  • Module 7 cleaning and Disinfecting
  • Module 8 Pest Control
  • Module 9 Waste Management
  • Module 10 Design, Layout, Construction, and Maintenance of Premises
  • Module 11 HACCP
  • Module 12 Food Hygiene Management
  • Module 13 Food Safety and HACCP Training
  • Module 14 Documentation and Records
  • Module 15 Final Test

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HACCP level 3 training

Module 1

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can be caused by incorrect food handling and hygiene practices within the food industry. Regulation (EC) 852/2004 requires that all food handlers undertake food safety training that is commensurate with their work activities.

Food Safety HACCP level 3 training

Module 2


A food safety hazard is anything with the ability to make food unsafe with the probability to harm when eaten. There are four major hazards, biological, chemical, allergen and physical hazards. Management must put in controls to prevent risk to consumers and workers.

HACCP level 3 training

Module 3


Food poisoning is an illness caused by eating food or drink that is contaminated with certain types of bacteria, parasites, viruses, toxins, or chemical contaminants. Bacterial food poisoning is the most commonly recognised.

HACCP level 3 training

Module 4


Food hygiene and safety laws are designed to protect consumers from illness and harm. All food business operators are required to comply with the legislation that governs food safety.

HACCP level 3 training

Module 5


Food allergy and food intolerance are growing health concerns. Anyone who manages the preparation and serving or selling of food in any food business needs to be fully aware of the controls to ensure that customers are safe.


Module 6

All persons working in a food handling area have a legal obligation under Regulation EC 852/2004 to maintain a high level of personal hygiene and wear clean suitable clothing.

Food Safety HACCP level 3 training

Module 7


Food poisoning is an illness caused by eating food or drink that is contaminated with certain types of bacteria, parasites, viruses, toxins, or chemical contaminants. Bacterial food poisoning is the most commonly recognised.


Module 8


Pests are sources of contamination. Effective pest control is vital safety management processes in any food premises.

Food Safety HACCP level 3 training

Module 9


Waste is a source of contamination. Effective waste management practices are vital at all stages of the food business operations and must be managed effectively.

HACCP 3 online training

Module 10



To ensure safe food and a safe working environment, the correct design, layout, construction and maintenance of the food premises must be adequate for the operations.


Module 11


HACCP it is a food safety management system that food business operators have in place to ensure the food they serve or sell is fit for consumption.

Food Safety HACCP level 3

Module 12


This module outlines food hygiene management based on the Principles of HACCP. Critical Control Points (CCPs) are identified in the process


Module 13


Food safety training is an essential component of every food business to ensure staff have sufficient knowledge to enable them to carry out their activities in a safe and hygienic manner.

HACCP level 3 training

Module 14


Developing, implementing, and maintaining the necessary documentation and records to properly maintain a food safety management system (FSMS) is an integral part of managing a food business. 

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