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ISO Systems, Health and Safety, Quality, Food Hygiene and Compliance.

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The Process



Talk to one of industry compliance experts, or fill in our online contact form and let us know what your requirements are.



Within 48 hours we will have an expert team of highly motivated and professional talent for you to choose from.



The work begins.  Our team of experts have first class support, integrated IT systems and access great training solutions.




You focus on running your business safe in the knowledge you have the right team to manage all your requirements.

The Only Compliance Freelance Marketplace

At acornstar we only do Compliance, that’s why we are the best.  Know who you are getting and decide how long you need them, leave the rest up to us.

Integrated Platform

From start to finish our experts have access to backroom support, integrated IT systems, online internationally recognised RoSPA approved training and Learning Management Systems.

Award Winning

Acornstar is the result of over 30 years of ongoing development and expertise. We are the experts in compliance with a deep understanding and hands-on experience across a wide range of sectors and business types.  

Global Success

Our team have implemented ISO standards in over 35 countries from Russia to Dubai for over 30,000 employees.  To date, we have never failed an audit and have achieved the highest of international standards globally.

Strength Through Transparency

Streamlined Compliance Management

Commitment to Quality

Our consultants implement national and international standards across a multitude of business sectors.  It is our mission to attain the highest of standards in comparison to any service of its kind in the sector.


You know who you are getting before you start.  Traditional type consulting firms may assign personnel that are inexperienced potentiality underqualified and unmotivated to tackle your problem.

Growth Strategy

Short or long term contracts available.  Find the person you need for the duration of the project.  We are always here for continued support as you grow and prosper.


Traditional methods of hiring can take weeks or months to find the right candidates and they still might not be suitable for your organisational objectives.

Vet and Check

Only the best candidates will make it onto our team.  We have an extensive vetting and checking process for all the consultants.

Cost effective

Typically, you can expect to make savings of between 20% to 70% in comparison with hiring full-time staff or traditional consultancy firms.

Best of Both Worlds

We offer highly skilled freelance Consultants, backroom support, advanced IT systems and state of the art training solutions, with the benefits of a no long term commitment or prohibitive price tags.

Project Oversight

We have a dedicated highly experienced management team, with backroom support staff to help manage all our consultant’s projects, optimise work efficiencies with continuous monitoring to ensure quality standards.

Integrated IT systems

Using our dedicated mobile apps and web-based platforms we can offer a seamless training and inspection solution that provide visibility and insights that will raise the quality in your organisation while optimising report generation and problem resolution.

Internationally Recognised

All our consultants have access to our library of next-generation online training courses that are internationally recognised, and RoSPA approved as well as offering dedicated in-house personal and virtual training solutions.


ISO Management Systems

Management System Standards Design and Implementation including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 22000, ISO 41001, ISO 13485 and more.

Auditing Solutions

On-site or virtual audits, using our state of the art technology, compleated by our highly experienced and IRCA approved auditors.


In-house, online or virtual training solutions for Safety and Health, I.T, Food Safety, ISO Management Systems, Quality Management and more.

Health and Safety Solutions

Health and Safety Services, including safety statements, method statements, risk assessments, COSHH assessments, safety training services and more.

Management Services

Highly experienced project managers, design engineers and business management system experts for your compliance projects.

Compliance Consultants

Highly experienced consultants for all your Quality, Health and Safety, Environmental, Information Technology, Medical Devices, Food Safety and more.

A Sample of Our Consultants

Health, Safety, Quality and ISO expert.  She has over 12 years of experience implementing, managing and auditing HSEQ systems, she also has extensive training and lecturing experience.  She holds a masters in Science in EHS and quality management. 

Siobhan Leonard


Quality management expert.  He has over 20 years of experience implementing, managing and auditing quality management systems.


Quality Management Consultant

Food Safety expert, with over 10 years of experience working with large scale manufacturers to small catering businesses, with expertise in food safety compliance, auditing and labelling.  She holds a masters degree in public health and food safety from UCD. 


Food Safety Expert

Implementation in 35 countries

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