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The training course is approved by RoSPA.  RoSPA is a leading organisation in health and safety, actively campaigning for the promotion of health and safety and change in legislation, to reduce hazards and keep people safe.  The “Approved by RoSPA” stamp of approval demonstrates the high quality and credibility of our Health and Safety training courses.

Our training course will give you an understanding of food allergens and how they affect ‘at-risk’ consumers, how to inform customers about allergens in the food and your role in allergen management. For business owners, we focus on the new EU Food Allergen Regulation (EC) 1160, how it applies to your business, and how to comply with the regulation.

Food allergy and intolerance are growing health concerns.  Anyone who prepares serves or sells food in any food business needs to be fully aware of the controls to ensure that customers are safe. From December 2011, new EU food labelling rules make it mandatory to declare the use of specified allergens in loose and prepacked foods.   It is important that all food handling workers are trained in food allergen awareness.

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On completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • Understand the key definitions for food allergens
  • Identify the list of 14 named allergens
  • Outline the main legal requirements for allergen labelling
  • Provide allergen information to consumers
  • Recognise the common symptoms of allergic reactions
  • Understand the role of the food handler in allergen management
  • Introduction to Food Allergens
  • The 14 Major Allergens
  • Food Allergens and the Law
  • Food Allergens Symptoms
  • Preventing Allergenic Contamination
  • Providing Allergen Information
  • Test

This course is aimed at food handlers already working in the food industry, new food handling employees, supervisors and those looking to learn more about food allergens. The course is suitable for anyone who works in the restaurants, home producers, pubs, cafes, care homes, hospitals, schools, take away outlets, markets, food production or manufacturing, events, catering, transport, and entertainment.

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